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At Taylor & Viola Structural Engineers, we go to extremes to anticipate our customers' requirements and embrace the opportunity to provide solutions with a team of experienced and skilled engineers committed to best industry practices, leading-edge technology and strong collaborative communication. We are knowledgeable about design requirements to comply with all applicable government codes and regulatory agencies.


James Tate, Taylor & Viola Structural Engineers

Fun Facts About James...

1. Most unusual possession: I collect toy cranes.


2. What’s the last picture you took with your phone? My daughter playing high school volleyball.

3. Community involvement: I’m active at my church, Woodlawn Baptist in Conover, NC.

James Tate, P.E. 
President, Senior Managing Partner

jtate@taylorviola.com | 828.612.0477

University of North Carolina Charlotte, Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering.


James has worked at Taylor & Viola since 1998.

Josh Winchester, Taylor & Viola Structural Engineers
Josh Winchester, P.E., S.E. 
Vice President, Project Manager

jwinchester@taylorviola.com | 828.446.1511


North Carolina State University, Master of Science Civil Engineering & Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering


Josh has worked at Taylor & Viola since 2017

Fun Facts About Josh...

1. Where/what can you be found doing outside of work?  Working on our small family farm (which translates loosely to fixing broken things) or the occasional round of golf. But mainly just fixing things. 


2. Best compliment you’ve received? That I am a good family man.


3. Favorite quote: “Life is like riding a bicycle…to keep your balance you must keep moving,” —  Albert Einstein.


4. Best advice: Wear a helmet.


5. What’s something you’ve never done but want to? Master the guitar.

Jason Reep, Taylor & Viola Structural Engineers
Jason Reep, P.E. 
Vice President, Project Manager

jreep@taylorviola.com | 828.612.8123 

University of North Carolina Charlotte, Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering


Jason has worked at Taylor & Viola since 2005

Fun Facts About Jason...

1. What are you most passionate about professionally? Being able to retire one day (haha). Actually, being a licensed PE and every responsibility that comes along with that.

2. Favorite quote: “When in doubt, make it STOUT!”

3. Any unique quirks? I water down my drinks.

4. What’s something you’ve never done but want to? WIN THE LOTTERY! 


5. Favorite place to take visiting friends or relatives: A Crawdads game or one of our great local restaurants.

Vance Carrigan, Taylor & Viola Structural Engineers
Vance Carrigan, P.E. 
Project Engineer



North Carolina State University, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering 


Vance has worked at Taylor & Viola since 2015

Fun Facts About Vance...

1. What’s something you’ve never done but want to? I always thought it would be exciting to pilot an airplane, although I’m not sure about taking off or landing so it would only be the flying part.


2. Best advice: You can’t always get what you want. But if you try, you might find you get what you need.


3. Most unusual possession: While not particular rare, I have a piece of the Campo del Cielo meteorite fall discovered in Argentina in 1576. As Argentina has recently passed a law prohibiting the exportation of meteorites, it is one of the more unusual things I own.


4. Favorite quote: “Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up,” — Alfred Pennyworth